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Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information.

General terms

Francheval undertakes to abide by the legal requirements and the existing norms relating to data privacy as per Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union from April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).

This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of our actions to collect, process and use personal data you transfer to us when using this website.

Please note that the servers storing the data we collect on the website are located in France. and this website may contain links to websites of other service providers that we do not control and that are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Please take the time to carefully read this document in order to be informed of and understand the steps we take to process and protect your personal data, and how you can exercise your rights related to the processing of your personal data.

Types of information we collect

Just as most other websites, our web servers and security systems store some temporary technical data in their log files from time to time. This data is never used for identifying individuals. We do not merge this data with other data, transfer it or create personal user profiles. The processing of this data is intended solely for using the website (setting up connections, ensuring normal operation, enabling administration and providing security), as well as for statistical purposes in order to improve the website and make it more user friendly. This data includes, in particular:
  • The IP address of your computer/device.
  • The requested content (name and URL of the requested file on our website).
  • The date and time of the request.
  • Time zone offset to GMT.
  • Connection status.
  • Referral website URL, if the website was accessed via a link.
  • Amount of data transferred in quantitative terms.
  • Technical specifications of the device, including language, browser version and operating system of your computer/device.


Cookie files are among the technologies we use to collect information and improve content quality. A cookie is a small text file stored on the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) containing information on your browsing activity.

This data is never used to identify individuals. This data is processed for improving website operation, producing better content and for advertising purposes. These purposes are achieved by analyzing statistical data, for example, evaluating user behavior patterns and for displaying targeted advertising based upon your interests. This data includes, in particular:

  • The IP address of your computer/device.
  • The requested content (name and URL of the requested file on our website).
  • The date and time of the reques.
  • Time zone offset to GMT
  • Connection status
  • Amount of data transferred in quantitative terms
  • Technical specifications of the device, including language, browser version and operating system of your computer/device.
  • Referral website URL, if the website was accessed via a link, as well as the search query if the website was accessed through a browser.
  • Your personal website settings.
  • Timestamp of your first visit, last visit and last session.
  • Name of your internet provider.

Some cookie files are automatically deleted from your device when you close the browser, while others are deleted after a specified period of time. Depending on the type of the cookie file, this time may vary from 30 days to 12 months.

You may use our website without cookie files. In most browsers cookies are stored by default. However, you can use your browser settings to disable cookies or set up a notification to pop up every time a cookie file is stored by your browser. You also have the option to delete cookies stored by your computer/device at any time, using the browser settings. For more information on enabling, disabling, viewing and deleting cookies please check your browser settings or online support for your browser.

Importantly, disabling cookie files may limit the functionality of our website.

we may also use third party services on our website which may record and analyze cookies and other information, received through the similar technologies as well as other technical information about your device. We request that our partners treat user data with due care and work only with companies with an appropriate reputation. Below you will find a list of third-party services we may use on our website. Please take the time to read the descriptions of these services on their respective websites, using the links provided below. You can also disable the collection of cookies and technical information about your device for these websites:


You can contact us by sending a message to one of the e-mail addresses listed on the website. In this case we will process your personal data, including the name you provide, your e-mail address and other data, but only if this is required to address the purpose of your query. We consider that by contacting us in this way you grant us consent to process your personal data for the purpose of addressing your query.

Request for information about our products and services

We offer a broad range of information services to our users and clients. We may publish special forms on our websites for collecting your personal data so that we can get in touch with you as part of pre-contractual relations, including previews of our products and services, creating thematic mailing lists, as well as planning potential contract negotiations. When you fill out such forms, we collect your first and last name, e-mail, company name and website, telephone number and your country of residence or registration. In order for us to be able to process your personal data you need to grant consent when filling out the feedback form.

Provision of data to third parties

Personal data collected when using the website shall not be transferred to third parties without your consent, except in cases set out in this Privacy Policy.

Data security

Personal data that we collect and store are considered to be confidential information. They are protected against loss, alteration or unsanctioned access. To ensure this we use relevant technical and administrative means. We are engaged in an ongoing effort to improve our data protection system.

It is your responsibility to safeguard the password to your account on our website which we provide to you. You must keep this password secret and never share it with anyone.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access, modify or prohibit the processing of your data collected by Francheval. You may request that we delete such data. If you have provided consent to the use of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time.

In order to exercise your rights, you can contact us by e-mail at

It is important to understand that in order to fulfill any request to modify the way we process your personal data, we need to be able to identify you. A copy of your ID bearing the signature of the holder and the reply address must therefore be attached to all requests to exercise such rights.

If you believe that we are violating your rights when processing your confidential personal data, you can file a complaint with the relevant privacy supervision authority.

Amending the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any time. For example, amendments could be introduced as we develop and improve our website or due to changes in legislation. We ask you to regularly review all updates to our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us by e-mail at .

Last modified: November 26, 2018